3 Non-Toxic Weed Removal Methods to Try


One of the biggest woes of any gardener is to deal with weeds. As a matter of fact, these are those recurring enemies that nobody wants to have a look at. Even though there are many methods to control weeds, not all of them are truly effective. Plus, there are many methods that are toxic, owing to the presence of harmful chemicals in them. So, if you have been searching for some non-toxic weed removal methods to try, then here are three such methods that you can give a shot!


You can try this easy method of mulching to get rid of those weeds. All that you need to do is to cover the soil with good organic mulch that can suffocate weeds, and prevent them from spreading.


Another easy method to go for when it comes to weed control is to apply vinegar on the weeds. However, this method requires frequent application in order to provide the desired results. In order to try this method, you need to have a spray bottle and pour in some vinegar with dish soap and salt. Once you have prepared the mixture, you can then spray it directly on the weeds.

Oeliatec machines

One of the most effective, environmentally friendly ways to get the much-needed freedom from weeds is to buy an Oeliatec machine. By using 100% hot water, these machines naturally kill the weeds. In fact, they require less applications as compared to other methods, and are thus, absolutely effective.

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